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Mental Health: A step closer to the right diagnosis

A step closer to getting the rightdiagnosisThe difference between Trimethylaminuria,PATM, Other Malodor conditions and Olfactory Reference Syndrome Author: Crissan Rosalia MEBO Mental Health director Health psychologist, MSc.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the information shared in this article is not a replacement for advice, diagnosis and treatment from a professional, such as a health practitioner, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. If you want to talk and need support from a professional, I would recommend you to contact your doctor for a referral or find licensed professional in your country.
"...feelings of shame, social rejection, depression, anxiety and isolation" Our MEBO Health Director, Crissan Rosalia, Health psychologist, MSc., is always thinking of ways to help us cope with the emotional consequences of the overwhelming uncertainty that comes with the absence of diagnostic possibilities for malodor and PATM c…