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Traveling with malodor/PATM condition

JUNE 2018

MEBO Mental Health Monthly Column
Author: Crissan Rosalia MEBO Mental Health Director Health psychologist, Traveling with a malodor condition A practical guide for patients with body odor, bad breath and TMAU

Vacation time / holidays are here, and many of us would like to get away and travel somewhere nice. Our Mental Health Director, Crissan has written a paper for the MEBO Community with tips on how to best handle and enjoy the trip as we look for solutions to malodor/PATM conditons with research.

 In Crissan's May 2018 Crissan wrote 2 posts, "A step closer to the right diagnosis", which is a great tool for sufferers to use to prepare a doctor's visit and to present one's case most effectively and a continuation to her previous post, "Copying with Bullying and Harassment". We thank Crissan for the wide range of topics she discusses and will be discussing in her Monthly Column in this MEBO Bl…

Coping with Bullying and Harassment

MEBO Mental Health Monthly Column. April 2018 (continue) By Crissan Rosalia, MEBO Mental Health Director Tips for Coping with Bullying A practical guide for patients with body odor, bad breath and TMAU Crissan Rosalia, MEBO Mental Health Director, Health psychologist, Msc. or

In addition to the write-up on 'Crisis Prevention Plan', 'Work and Trimethylaminuria', and 'Tips for a stress-free doctor's visit', our MEBO Mental Health Director, Crissan Rosalia, Health psychologist, Msc., shares with us some helpful guidelines on 'Coping with Bullying'. It is a well thought-out process that can serve sufferers to organize thoughts and feelings so they can be more manageable in order to develop a good coping strategy.
Don't show your feelings, avoid the bully, act confident, respond neutrally. Thank you Crissan for your ongoing support and contribution to our community!


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