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Crissan Rosalia Mental Health Column: Anxiety

JULY 2018

MEBO Mental Health Monthly Column
Author: Crissan Rosalia MEBO Mental Health Director Health psychologist, ANXIETY
Part 1 InJune column post, Crissan discusses with us good coping techniques for traveling with malodor/PATM conditions. She has now chosen the topic of Anxiety (Part 1) for her Mental Health Monthly Column for July. In this Part 1 article, she addresses significant questions, such as, "What is anxiety and what is the difference between stress, distress and anxiety? What are the signs of stress and what are the symptoms and consequences of anxiety?"
Stress is a response that is part of our systems as humans. It has a protective goal in short term situations, but can be harmful when it is long term. Long term stress is called distress. This distress can lead to anxiety. Ongoing anxiety can influence many bodily functions. Anxiety can effect many bodily functions, organ function and can trigger and mainta…