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MEBO's Mental Health Director - Interview with FOCUS, Netherlands

RAISING AWARENESS CAMPAIGNThe show will air on Dutch television on Wednesday September 19th. Herewith the link of the show: the link is accessible internationally. Our very own, Crissan Rosalia, MEBO Mental Health Director, Health Psychologist, MSc., has participated in a TMAU raising awareness short documentary in a scientific show in the Netherlands, FOCUS on NRT. NTR is a public broadcaster that makes special documentaries for targeted groups on nature, culture, health (especially misunderstood and misdiagnosed conditions), education, youth and diversity. Mr. Dirk de Bekker, Director NRT, was very moved by Crissan's portrayal of life with TMAU, and offered to do a short documentary with her, which she consented to.

...will be in Dutch without subtitles. However, the producer has promised to make a short compilation of the TMAU parts and they will provide this with English subtitles. The show will air on Dutch television on Wednesday…

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Crissan Rosalia Mental Health Column: Anxiety Part 2

MEBO Mental Health Monthly Column
Author: Crissan Rosalia MEBO Mental Health Director Health psychologist, ANXIETY Part 2
Causes, symptoms and diagnosisof the different types of anxietyin malodor and PATM patients

Misdiagnosis is very common, due to the incorrect focus and observations of the professional. They discount or have not been able to detect the odor symptoms which can lead to diagnosis with a wrong label. In her July Mental Health Column, Crissan introduced and defined anxiety, stress and distress in malodor/PATM conditions. In this Part 2 of 3 topics on anxiety, Crissan spotlights the various manifestations of anxiety in the life of a malodor and PATM sufferer, and she portrays factors contributing to the development and intensity of the variety of anxiety disorders. She discusses in a very relevant manner the development process and expression of anxiety in sufferers of these conditions, which include Panic Disor…