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Crissan's Mental Health Column: Five effective Stress Management exercises

MEBO Mental Health Monthly Column
Author: Crissan Rosalia MEBO Mental Health Director Health psychologist, STRESS MANAGEMENT Five effectiveStress Management Exercises In her October Mental Health Column post, Crissan shares her insightful perspective and professional views on how sufferers can enrich their lives with meaningful relationships. She points out that there are many potential sources of fulfilling relationships that we can tap into. Now in her November Mental Health Column post, she focuses on stress management, the effects it has on the body and mind, and techniques for stress management.
In earlier articles we discussed the effects that stress can have on the body and mind. Stress is a big issue for most malodor and PATM sufferers. The fight-or-flight response can trigger a lot of physical symptoms, it increases tension in the body and stress hormones to soar. When this inborn system is turned on continuousl…