Crissan's Mental Health Column: Moving from Denial, Anger and Depression

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APRIL 2019
MEBO Mental Health Column
MEBO Mental Health Director

Coping with malodor conditions or PATM Moving from Denial, Anger and Depression to Acceptance and Self-Acceptance

In her February Mental Health Column post, Crissan focuses on resilience and she offers an action plan to achieve it, depicting the different types of resilience, such as natural, adaptive and restored. She points out the effects stress and trauma tend to have on resilience over time, and elaborates on the concept of Locus of control, differentiating between internal and external locus of control. Two pages of this paper expounds in-depth discussion on how to increase resilience, with step by step methods of how to develop it.

In this, her April article, Crissan describes very real experiences sufferers go through and the impact it has on mental health. She then provides a very helpful explanation of how a sufferer can move from denial, anger and depression to acceptance and self-acceptance.
At first, he thought that he was imagining things, that people were not referring to him. Until one day he realized that his coworkers were looking and pointing at him, sometimes even pinching their noses. Some would cough loudly, open windows and spray the office space with air freshners. Stephan* could hear his coworkers talking about a smell, a penetrating smell that was apparent around the office space…
Stephan stopped all social activities, he stopped going to work, distanced himself from his friends and hardly ever left his house. After a couple of months, Stephan realized that something needed to change…
*This is a fictional character.
What are the possible issues one experiences when dealing with acute or chronic health issues?
- A sense of loos of control- Financial hardship- Relationship conflict- Anxiety and sadness- Uncertain future- Loss of self-esteem- Reduced quality of lifeThese are just a few examples…

It is wonderful to see the love and care with which Crissan takes her time to write these articles for us, with such careful thought and generous delivery of valuable tools we can use to improve our outlook and our lives. She gives her heart and soul to lift up our community so that each has the wherewithal to find happiness and peace in life. Thank you, Crissan!


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