December's Mental Health Column

In this December article, I recommend several podcasts covering a wide range of topics regarding mental health.

Coping with a malodor  such as Trimethylaminuria, Halitosis or PATM can be very taxing on one’s mental health. Most sufferers struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, shame, and trauma. There are many steps you can take to care of yourself. Listening to podcasts can be an easy and enjoyable way to gather information and learn something new about self-help and treatment.
Unfortunately, there are no specialized podcasts for TMAU and PATM sufferers about mental health yet. However, there are several podcasts about general mental health with valuable information that sufferers can use and apply in their lives. In this article we will highlight a couple of these podcasts and episodes to give you an idea of what is out there. 

 You can read the entire article here:
Podcasts for TMAU, Malodor & PATM sufferers

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Healthy, Happy, and Blessed 2020!  

Kind regards,

Crissan Rosalia
MEBO Mental Health Director
Health psychologist, MSc.

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